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About P.J. Lodola & Sons, Inc. 

Photo of P.J. Lodola shop and fleet from 1983

The Company was founded in 1928 by Peter Lodola. At that time the company engaged in electrical construction and service work in the Windsor Locks, CT area. Over the years we have established a reputation of equality and fairness to our customers.
In 1973 Peter Lodola retired and turned the company over to his two sons, Paul & John Lodola. Under Paul and John the company grew in size and expanded its area of operation to include all of Connecticut and Western Mass.
In 2006 Paul Lodola retired and John Lodola became President with Rick Wylot and Paul Johnson becoming owners and Vice Presidents.


Founder, Peter Lodola


In 2017 John Lodola retired and Rick Wylot became President with Paul Johnson as Vice President.


The company remains dedicated to customer satisfaction. At Lodola this means Commitment- Concern- Dedication. We believe our employees are our most valuable asset. All our employees demonstrate a high level of skill, but a sense of urgency in performing their work tasks. Our dedication to customer satisfaction leads to highly individualized  project attention

We have built quality for over 90 years. Therefore we demand and receive extraordinary performance from our apprentices up to our president. 


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